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1776RM National Group

Public·977 members neighbor ( don't know him) stopped me to harass me about my flag being upside down.. I went off in an unlady like fashion.. he also went to my ex husband's work to try and get him fired from his job for me having a flag upside down on my property.. so I'm having a patriotic BBQ at my house and would like to invite anyone who would like to join me.. I'm asking you to bring a flag, display it upside down to represent this country in distress.. a covered dish.. and we will do a March down the street and back to my home.. Sept 3rd 2023 3 pm.. we will March at 4 pm.. we will eat by 5 pm.. I live I. Tallmadge ohio..

Missouri Candy
Patriot Cowgirl
Lisa Briley


Welcome to the 1776 Restoration Movement National! You can c...


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