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Wednesday Morning Thoughts:

My thoughts this morning are with the National Team. As I videoed them leaving North Carolina Monday morning, it was with very mixed emotions. Knowing that we could not travel with them was saddening. Knowing that this small group of patriots were off to spread the message in a new state, was exciting. It will be a new set of challenges that awaits. We know they will be with committed patriots in Florida and this group is not afraid of work! It was amazing to be with them for the weekend of events in NC.

I also know the area they departed is in good hands. The opportunity that we had to spend time with the folks in NC showed me that they are up to the task as well. Our family is growing! The job of taking our country back from the corrupt overreaching government is not an easy one. Maybe that is why not everyone is getting involved. This mission is not for the weak! Only the strong will join and continue the fight. Each destination is like a new chapter in the book 1776rm is writing. Excited to see what this new chapter brings!

Some pics attached from the trip south. Have a great day and keep up the fight.

Love you all.

Sancia D
Tonie ChambersYT


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