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Wednesday Morning Thoughts:

Family or Friend?

When it comes to the members of 1776RM, I would have to say family! Just like we can't choose our family, I did not choose who is a member of this organization. I did not choose who left the Hagerstown Speedway on May 20, 2022, and ended up in the parking lot of an abandoned IHOP. I believe that day, we became family. Since that day there have been many that have joined this family. Just like infants, we started to grow as a family. Learning to deal with the differences in personalities, attitudes and learning to love each other. As with family, though miles may separate us, our thoughts and prayers are with each other constantly. And just like any family, we have our dysfunctional moments. That is to be expected, as we all at times are a bit dysfunctional. That does not stop us from being a family. I hope our family continues to grow. Looking forward to the small "family" reunion this weekend.

"We may do a little fighting amongst ourselves, but you outsiders best leave us alone!" Charlie Daniels

Love you all.


Sancia D


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