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Wednesday morning thoughts.

As I was ready to just post an update, I couldn't help but reflect a bit. From the first night in the parking lot in May 2022 where 1776 Restoration Movement was formed, through the months in Bunker Hill, WV, to the 34 days on the National Mall in DC. From a small town in Indiana to a small town in North Carolina, and the thousands of miles traveled along the way. The board members and Boots on the ground National Team have been amazed and humbled by the outpouring of support every step of the way.

None of this would have been possible, and we would not be where we are today without each and every one of our supporters.

You have continually kept this organization upheld with your prayers, well wishes, financial support, and encouraging words just when they were needed. There are folks all over the country doing their part, whatever they can. Some can support financially, some are making items for auctions, some are canvassing the streets of their home towns passing out flyers, some are meeting with their local and state representatives, some are holding us up in prayer. Everyone doing what they can in order to try and regain the freedoms and liberties we hold so dear.

It is this support from YOU that keeps us in the fight. And it is an honor to have each and every one of you standing beside us!

In about 8 months, we have gone from very few of us knowing one another, to being a family spread throughout the world. I believe this family will continue to grow. We are all brothers and sisters in this fight for freedom! There have been 2 phrases that have come to have a more serious meaning over these past 8 months.



This is how we will continue. Thousands of people United as One!

The decision has been made for Bob & Hunter's 15 state tour. This particular decision was made by you, our supporters. Our givesendgo account is currently setting at $2,500.00. And with the commitment from one of our supporters to get us to our goal, BOB & HUNTER WILL CONTINUE ON!!!!!!

The three remaining states on the tour route are Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.

So, with that I would like to say THANK YOU!!!

Love you all!

Brian (elf)



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