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Judy  Beard
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I have to correct myself and apologize to Lori Arnold, who I said falsely accused me of saying the Jan 20/21 was a 1776RM Meet & Greet. I did post that on Nov 9, 2023, but had forgotten that I had done so. So, I apologize Lori Arnold, you were right. But it was not just the 1776RM that gathered, it was people from at lease 5 other groups that were present. The whole purpose was to get other Patriot Groups and people that love our country together to join together in standing up for our Constitutional Republic and to pay attention to who we are voting into office.

Because the leader of 1776RM has stepped down, he actually ended 1776RM LLC, does not mean that the purpose for which the group was created has changed.

I still stand firm for the 1776RM. Because there were some bad people in the group at one time does not make all 1776RM members bad people. I still believe in what brought the people together that joined the 1776RM and will continue to stand for our Constitutional Republic.

Kimberly Boeschling-Hinkson
Sancia D
Sancia D
Jan 29

Don’t even give her attention that’s exactly what she wants I would just ignore her she is irrelevant… she’s just jealous is all



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