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The Patriot feat. @The Marine Rapper

I like these comments that was posted on this video

(21 years active duty, 54 months in-country between 4 theater. Came back to an ungrateful nation. My 15 yrs old son played this song in his room and I was in my garage, caught my attention, nearly brought tears to my eyes when i first heard this song. I must apologize that I’m a couple of years behind, I wish I could have found this song long ago. I play this song at least once a day. Y’all keep it up. All patriots must unite.)

(As a metal head, I have to admit, patriotic rappers have really stepped up to the plate. Your message is absolutely inspiring. As a proud American, thank you.)

(As a Marine Corp Veteran, I appreciate this rap. #USMC Time for us to defend our country and freedom against all enemies' foreign and "domestic")

(As a Fellow Combat Veteran, I Salute both of you! I, can rest knowing True Patriots like you have America, my, and my Family's back.)

(As a veteran myself I'm glad to see YouTube hasn't taken this beautiful song down. Rise on my brothers.)

Sancia D


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