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Here is another update from #FreeAlanSwinney. A political prisoner from Portland. He had a paint gun against antifa, being a PB you know they wanted to punish him. It's really horrific!

From a political prisoner in Portland Update 11.03.2022 #freealanswinney I got a letter from my appeal lawyer today. Still haven't talked to the guy. The letter said that Portland' sent my transcript in May so my appeal brief would be done on November 22nd. The letter I got today said that Portland's 2 tier justice system only sent part of the transcript though and has been sitting on the other part for the last 6 months delaying my appeal. The transcript was just filed Monday so now instead of my appeal brief being done by November 22nd, the new initial date is now may 16 2023. They are doing everything they can to unconstitutionally hold me in prison as long as possible. Many people who came in here months after I did have already had their briefs done, filed, and talked to their lawyers. Chandler came in here after me and his brief was done months ago. In the letter my lawyer did say he was going to move my appeal to the front of the line and get it done as quickly as he can though but still... That's a small consolation when you're sitting in prison. It should have already been done. The last possible date for it to be filed now is July 10 2023. That really doesn't mean anything though because the last possible date before this last possible date was December 2022. Oh well... Its just maximum security prison... What's an extra 6 months? I'll just stay stuck in here while the democrats run amok and destroy the country. You should all see what they're doing to me and be terrified. This is what they'll do to ANYONE who doesn't agree with them. They'll break any law that stands in the way of what they want. Better vote Republican. Your children's futures depend on what you do right now. What kind of world do you want to leave for them? #freealanswinney

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