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I am very concerned when I hear something like our president is wanting to send Jets to Ukraine. I am also very concerned that even though emotion has been passed through the Senate to end the emergency powers there seems to be no progress in this. Our president is dangerous while he has these powers. I believe he's a ticking Time bomb because of the people that obviously control things. I am not educated in American politics but I can see the way the countries going. I come from Europe originally and we are the laughing stock of all these countries. While people did complain about Trump now with this President people's opinion of us in other countries has just gone totally down the drain. Gossar one of the Arizona senators put forward that motion to end the emergency powers. I suppose after the Senate it goes to the house. Biden suddenly decides he's going to end them in May but he should not be the one to decide that I believe. So am I missing something here??

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