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If you are in Arizona you may have seen my post on the Arizona group about getting together on the anniversary of the arrival of the Convoy in Golden Valley Arizona for their first night stop we want to do this as a get together- Reunion and to remind people what the people of the Convoy gave up all the months they were on the Convoy and also to remind people that we have not won we are still trying to get our constitutional rights back. Does anyone know how I can get hold of Josh Oreo Express. Might be nice to have one of our original streamers down there. Anyone else from 1776 movement is welcome to come it will be on the 26th of February which is a Sunday I will start at 1:00. It will be held at Great American Pizza in Golden Valley Arizona anyone who followed the Convoy right from the beginning will probably remember their first night stop down there. Contrary to the first night the food will not be free LOL if you want to eat there and the owner of course will have pizza and he hopefully we'll barbecue so you will have food Etc but of course it will have to be paid for. We are going to try and establish if you will open the parking lot if anyone wants to stay the night with their RV or truck but we still have to confirm that. I am also posting this obviously on the Arizona page

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