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Yesterday the Devil charged the Gates of Heaven. As he approached he saw that God, his Son, Saint Peter and a man that the Devil has never seen before stood at the gates. This stopped him right in his tracks. Bewildered the Devil stared at the man, not knowing what to make of it, he just shrugged. The Devil looked at the four and finally said with a laugh “Who is this mere mortal to think he can stand against the might of Hell?”

With an evil sneer, the Devil raised his hands and a thousand demons charged the gates. The man coolly raised his weapon and began firing. With every shot, a demon fell. After half an hour of this, the Devil stood alone. Furious the Devil shifted to his natural beastly form and with a mighty roar charged the gates himself. The man just smiled pulled his K-Bar and waited for the Devil to come.

After the Devil fought against the man he stood back and examined his wounds, he looked up at the man and saw that he had suffered wounds and looked about dead. So, the Devil charged, again and again, the man smiled and brought his K-Bar to the ready. The Devil stopped in his tracks and curiously looked at the man. He then said, “Who is this mere mortal who is not afraid of me and can stand against the might of Hell?”

To this Saint Peter raised an eyebrow; Jesus smiled and looked at his father and while the man went back to attention, God laughed and said “If you really need to know I will tell you, I took some of the fire I gave you and turned it into his fighting spirit. I took some of the stone that I put into the earth and turned it into his will, I took the ice I put at the top of the world and turned into his nerves, then I finished by giving him a willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of others. He will not quit until the job is done. He is by far my greatest creation; he is the best of man. I call him a Marine. The Devil hung his head and walked back to Hell.

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