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Wednesday Morning Thoughts:

The Little Man

This is follow up to my "Made in America" post from a few weeks ago. Even though it is getting tough to buy products that are made in America, there is something we can try to do. Shop small. Rather than spending our money at the large retailers or through Amazon, shop small. Try to find a small business in your area that you can buy the same product. Often times you can find a store or shop in your neighborhood where you can get the same products as you buy online or at the large stores. I know that most times it may cost a little more but maybe it is worth it. The small businesses in your community are a vital part of that community. They tend to be involved in what is going on in the small towns across the country. For example, we have a small business in our town that is a hardware store, lumber yard & armory. They are huge supporters of our local school district. The owners are residents of our community. We are fortunate to have a grocery store that is family owned as well. Most of these small businesses hold the same conservative values as we do. Most have not and will not "cave in" to the "woke" society and the craziness it entails. Hard working, blue collar Americans just trying to provide for their families and be an asset to the community in which they live. As small business owners, we have always tried to support other small businesses. This became more of a mission during the "days of covid". When the government was deciding what businesses were "essential" and which ones were not, there were more small businesses that were forced to close and the "big money" stores operated business as usual. I believe this was just another tactic to try to control us. (that is a rabbit trail for another day).

Small business is the economic driving force in this country and don't let anyone try to tell you any different. So the next time you are heading out to WalMart, Lowe's, Home Depot or some other big chain store, check to see if there is a small business you can go to instead. As Alan Jackson said in his song....

God Bless the Little Man!

Nikki Sanford


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