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Judy  Beard
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Good morning everyone (I guess that depends on when you see this)

Let's start this day off the way we should start everyday.

Praise you Jesus, thank you for giving me another day. Please let me be a blessing to you and others this day. Guide me, cleanse any darkness from within me and any anger. Give me wisdom for this day.

You see, I believe that this group begin back on May 20, 2022 because God brought together certain people to get 1776RM, a group of God fearing Patriots, to stand for the Constitution Republic that He created through our founding fathers. And just like those that put together our precious Constitution, some were strong God fearing people, some were Agnostic and probably there were a few non believers, but they loved our country and worked and stood together. 1776RM began with, and still have, a mix of strong God fearing, Agnostic and non believers, and we STILL love our country.

Let's focus on the mission. Educate, Activate and Motivate as many citizen of America as we can. There are so many people that do not realize that our Constitution Republic is being torn apart little by little. There are so many people that have no idea what our Constitution and Bill of Rights even say. I confess that I have forgotten what is in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, been so many years since I was taught about them. I, as many others, grew up thinking our politicians was doing the right thing for America, but they weren't.

So, let's put aside any differences and focus on the mission.

Glenn Alexander


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