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One We Couldn't Keep America’s days are numbered. She is dying in our sleep.

She was a beautiful idea, just one we couldn’t keep.

There were not enough lions, and way too many sheep.

And the lions that we did have, barely even made a squeak

While rights are stripped away, from the gentle and the meek

They did nothing to give hope, or help the people keep

The liberties that were stripped away, by the state that we call deep

There is no hope, no blessing near, redemptions road is steep

The weakness of the men before, they sowed so we could reap

They enjoyed the evil pleasures, while we were forced to keep

Blowing air into the raft so we don’t sink to deep.

The tyrants and the traitors will simply just escape

They will slither to their safety, and count all their mistakes

They will regroup and try again, to make this nation shake

This I know, one thing is true, there is no real debate

These tyrants should hang, for the people they forsake

The rope should swing and sway, until it finally breaks

For the nation that they tried so hard, to poison and reshape

They must pay the price for their lies, there can be no escape

Or the words written on that parchment, aren’t all that we will break.

“Unite or Die”

Pamela Eby McCoy
Barbara Puglese
Kimberly Boeschling-Hinkson


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