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The rally was great today in Indiana. Good speakers and food. Lots of honks from the road. I wish there had been more people. I thought of the upcoming Kansas meeting to unite groups from all over. I thought about people uncomfortable leaving facebook. We can do better if we just give a little effort and learn a LOT of patience lol. There are several good groups on MEWE, Telegram and (this is a vet owned media site much like facebook with his own servers but self funded so adding stuff is slow going). We need to branch out and stop depending on facebook so much. We can't fight what our country is becoming by doing the same thing we been doing. Get our family/friends to join us. Its crazy how my own family were complaining because they have special pics on facebook they want. UGH you could be locked out of that account at anytime and you have special pics that you did not save to your computer or print out? How often do you look at these pics anyway? We need old fashion picture albums again and pics hung on our walls at home. Please consider making profiles on all of these sites. It doesn't hurt to meet new people on new sites :) Once you do, let me know and I will send you some good groups to join. :)

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