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Today on my way home from Sam's I drove through Jack N The Box for a box of their delicious mini tacos and when I got up to the window I asked the cashier if she loved our country and she smiled and yes I do, so I asked her if I could give her something and handed her a pocket Constitution with the 1776RM flyer and my contact information. I was surprised that when she realized it was the Constitution she seem excited and I told her if she has any question to please contact me. Let's pray I hear from her. I am trying but seem to be hitting a brick wall in getting people interested in our group in my area. Maybe that is because we are such a strong Conservative area. I have handed out at lease 25 pocket Constitution with 1776RM flyers, have worn our T-shirts everywhere, even church and I have a big decal on the rear window of my Expedition with our website, but I never get asked about it. 😥

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