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Hi there I'm putting this also on the main page as well as the Arizona page. The event that we are organizing in Arizona on Sunday the 26th of February at 1:00 is going as planned. We may have a couple of people speaking. Of course this time around there's no free food but the food there is super delicious so I'm sure you will find something to fit your purse and your stomach. There is plenty of space to park a truck and trailer RVs pickups and you can stay the night even though the event will probably end as it starts to get dark.

Great American Pizza has the best pizza and Robert the owner is firing up the grill.

They have a raffle going for the veterans association the prize is a handgun so they will be drawing the raffle in the afternoon so if you want tickets Please make sure you're there before 2pm.

This is just going to be a fun afternoon with like minded people hopefully we'll get some of the former convoy people over if not then it's not going to be a big problem. If you are in Arizona or anywhere else for that matter and you want to come you're very welcome.

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