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Multiple Fires In Canada Start At The Same Time!

Is the Trump indictment a smokescreen for what the progressives are really up to? In an article on The Gateway Pundit (see link below), notice especially Trudeau's explanation... "blaming climate change." Yes, I know they really want to get rid of President Trump, BUT if they can "prove" that global warming is burning up the planet, they can justify taking away our rights and property- no more fossil fuels for heating, automobiles, etc. The liberal media is talking about the smoke, but silent on how the fires started simultaneously. The same pattern occurred in remote areas of Quebec, Alberta, and in the desert west of the US. Multiple fires starting at the same time and dozens or hundreds of miles apart is impossible unless it was a deliberate, preplanned, and coordinated act. They thought that no one would notice the timing of the fires starting together in such remote lightly populated areas, but they forgot about satellite imagery!

Carol Ritz
Unknown member
Aug 28, 2023

wow, you guys believe some nutty stuff.



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