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I am Sharing my project with you-

Warriors Post Ranch Camp and Cabin Community

Purpose & Project overview:

Healing Hearts Minds Bodies and Souls while being gardeners of ranch lands that will remain forever in land trust for the benefit of mankind as one contiguous ranch parcel; leaving an unimpeded migration route for wild horses, deer, elk, antelope, bison, bighorn sheep and more. Intending peace, honor, compassion and respectful coexistence with others; While Keeping the land air water and beautiful landscape views as pristine as possible. We wish to create a peaceful society and be fearless way showers. I welcome collaboration with those of similar ideas and projects. In the Creation of a Self Sufficient Ranch who’s members are committed to a tribal structure of common unity, and collaborative effort. 

Community is what is lacking most in current society. Those who have experienced catastrophic loss or fail are most at risk to become homeless with no support. Love is the answer. Community is the key. Veterans are the best example. Programs for veterans are exclusive of non military experienced. We wish to shatter all divisions. I envision members doing something useful or enriching to the community that they are happy doing. I see dance, art, and song; as expressive gifts of love being valued as gold backed currency. No One is rubbish. 

What If I am homeless or jobless how does this work?

 Cooperative profit sharing; Each member contributes their time for the good of the community. (Similar to, if not becoming part of; One Small Town.) There is something for everyone. Payment structures and details will be rolled out through the Community Assistance Center office inside the Mechantile. Willingness, not necessarily Experience, is all that is necessary. 


The Healing and Wellness Center seeks to offer scalular light therapy and / or a Q Arc.

offering many more healing modalities as well. Raki Prana Herbal & frequency medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, float therapy, massage, & many other healing modalities offered by small members/practitioners /affiliates.

A family intervention/retreat center for Families of at risk children, provided we have qualified staff. In time; as toxins afflictions illnesses and traumas fade, the Warriors (of the past) Post (home) Ranch will remain a heart centered destination rooted in Peaceful Compassion to serve mankind.

Eternal Flame Chapel’s Torch lights the way into the nondenominational Chapel. A place of inner peace and reflection, designed to assist the spiritual evolution of those who seek to know The Creator. A goal is to have a chaplain or counselor available at anytime.

Animal rescue & Healing Center, a healing Aviary for domesticated birds. 

Veterinarians and vet technicians and those trained in Using BEMER and scalular light Therapy will be needed.o

The Campground. Campers Come for the fun. Fishing, swimming  & canoeing possibly climbing walls and zip lines. (These activities are all to be profit sharing business opportunities campers -non members- will happily pay fees for.) 

Gathering Hall will host educational spiritual & healing seminars in the future to welcome & educate children & adults.The hall may also become a profit sharing business to host entrepreneurs and entertainment. 

Multiple Geothermal AirTube Greenhouses designed to maximize harvest of the plants grown. Placement will maximize sun exposure & natural light cycle. Utilizing Magnetized water, compost, algae, aquaponics for plants/fish utilization of fish & animal waste, biochar, heat ballast, and recycling water. Rammed Earth Hemp-wood & or Hempcrete will be used. Off Grid energy systems such as Tesla Coil Energy, Gas, Solar, wind, or generating energy from algae or bio digestion will be utilized. Waste water treatment will utilize slingshot water recycling Or similar technologies, in public spaces Waste burning toilets seem a likely choice. 

The Mechantile will sell food and products community crafters make. Locals may also trade or sell non competitive produce or products. Once Self-sustaining, we will look at implementing food distribution for food programs.

Hemp Processing Plant. Area Farmers win too. We will grow & process Hemp for local farms. Farmers are then set free of the GMO toxic cycle as Hemp removes the toxins & glyphosate from the soil. The raw hemp processed materials will include seed, seed cake, leafy feed, hurd & bast fiber, and ground hemp. = entrepreneurial hemp product opportunities = profit share opportunities for community members & participants developing new products & markets.


 In building the cabins for the campground and the members; participants will gain hands on experience in hempcrete/ spray coating, hemp plaster, & rammed earth construction techniques, Using Rammed Earth, Hempcrete, hemp bricks, hemp blocks will improve hemp uses as building industry standards to prove the concepts and renewable sustainable hemp materials to the building industry for mainstream use. We will also look at up cycling materials to lessen to cost and impact on the environment. (We seek to create or rebuild structures that will last far  longer than development homes that are essentially chipboard boxes designed to fall apart in less than 20 to 30 years.) I Envision the membership cabins cut into hillsides; surrounded by trees or hemp as a living fence. Wildlife areas will be regarded as quiet zones to observe nature, wildcraft or forage.

To plant/move 1 billion edible plants. TheSeed stock, and new trees will be grown & offered.  A TreeSpade to move unwanted fruit trees will be sought. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fish, honey, Small milk goats will keep their kid(s), milked once daily just prior to weening, becoming twice after weening for milk, butter and cheese. Free range hen foul for eggs, roosters as meat birds. Farm Animals will have pastures to roam guarded by rescued farm animal and foul friendly dogs. By growing and making 80% of what the residents and staff will eat, our goal is to be 100% food self reliant by year 5. Excess foods of the communities needs is To be gifted, traded or sold.

Planning the Community layout Careful placement of underground geothermal ventilation heat & A/C air-tubes. Using Venturi's they are the main heat  A/C for the entire main complex, 

Of Chapel,  Healing Center, Gathering Center, Dinning Hall & Mercantile installed into existing structures and go in prior to building. 

The Heating and Air conditioning of the large buildings will be utilizing Geothermal airtubes. The Healing Center, Chapel, Mercantile/ Community Assistance Center will be  Connected to or by, botanical gardens,  food forests, bee & butterfly gardens.

Over time I envision bison & longhorn cattle replacing domesticated cattle if any are left in our care, for community meat and as a tourism novelty for those visiting the historic monuments or campground. Currently cattle sheep goats sufficiently browse the turkey track ranch; we seek to grow an abundance of Industrial Hemp; as raw material for quite frankly, anything, while the leaves n shoots and seeds are all nutritious feeds insuring the constant supply of animal feed.

Thank you for reviewing our proposal. I envision a wait list on tourism events, such as hosting a balloon race & gathering center events. Possibly film your own spaghetti western wedding might just become a ‘thing.’ I have no doubt When we build this, they will come.

Inspirational credits: For the love of John

Mission 22.  

Rainbow Warriors. -Native American Prophesy 

The ideal property has water and gas wells with transferable mineral rights.



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