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My final post.

This will be my final post on the website. It has been an honor to serve the 1776RM supporters. I will no longer be managing the website, but it will be in capable hands. I will also no longer be handling the finances. You will find the final financial report attached that I will be doing.

I will no longer be monitoring the email account. I am not sure who will be checking it, but I am sure there will be an announcement coming in the near future.

Wishing everyone the best in the continued fight against our corrupt government.

Love you all!

August 2023 Financial Statement
Download PDF

Marge Thibeault
Marge Thibeault
Aug 18, 2023

Praying things all work out for everyone as we love you all... keep in touch and keep us posted. Thank you and Mustang for everything you've done.



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