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I've been in the hospital for a few days now.. apparently I have had a stroke that's been messing up a few things in my life.. I guess they say it's an old stroke.. more testing will be done today to give is a definitive answer . I feel horrible that I haven't been able to donate to the different requests but unfortunately i haven't worked in 3 weeks and am currently unable to donate.. I have had 2 CTs 1 mri , constant heart monitoring and go today to get a CTA and a TEE.. send up prayers for me.. I do have a little story to tell.. DC Joe prayed for me to have a man come into my life.. what him nor I knew was my ex happened to be at the Guernsey event.. we reconnected a few days after that event and he has been taking amazing care of me through these tragic events that I've been facing.. God works in mysterious ways.. love you all.. God Bless

Sancia D
Terry Jones
Judy  Beard
Judy Beard
Aug 03, 2023

Will keep you in my prayers. And yes, God does work in mysterious ways.❤️



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