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I feel that because Santa, and some other very active members, took a different course regarding 1776rm it is starting to stagnate. Except for a few very passionate state leads and members.

I am not a State Lead for 1776rm. I am for The Peoples Movement. But since it was agreed in KS that we will work together i am introducing people to both groups

I am starting at county level. If you live in a large state like AZ its hard to all get together at state level

My first informal get together was a flop cause although i posted everywhere Facebook did its usual sneaky stuff and my posts were not seen.

Since then 7 people have said they would have been there if they had seen posts. I personally messaged these folks sent flyers from TPM and 1776RM and they will join the flag wave i plan to organise end of October.

Come in people. Dont be discouraged but get active in your county. Flag wave. Costs nothing but time. Pit luck cookout at a local park. Cost nothing but something you can afford to being and time. Be seen and heard locally. Ask local press to come cover your flag wave. Keep reminding them. They work for US.

Sancia D
Judy  Beard
Drifter Shelly
Sep 26, 2023

Good for you Judy. If i had more money i would be everywhere. Right now im at rock bottom. Gotta keep a roof over my head.



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