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Here is more info that Simon emailed to me. This is something everyone can participate in!!! Make their phones ring like there is no tomorrow, because if we don't separate America from the WHO, there may not be.

US Congress Foreign Committees
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Here is a list of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee for the 118th Congress where HR 79 is currently sitting to withdraw us from the WHO. This needs immense and urgent pressure to get passed on to a vote in the House of Reps. Also contact House Speaker Kevin McCarthy @ 202-225-2915. Members of the House also need to sponsor a companion bill for SB4343.

Page 2 is a list of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations for the 118th Congress where SB4343 is currently sitting to require Senate approval for "any convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response reached by the World Health Assembly". Senators also need to sponsor a companion bill for HR79 to WITHDRAW the USA from the W.H.O.

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