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Kentucky. Thank you for answering me do you know where I would check my settings to see if I am able to receive comments. I have never changed anything on my page at all and I used to be able to get the comments up right now I click on them and it just keeps spinning spinning spinning if anybody could tell me how I can check this I've been really grateful but then again you would have to email it to me because I cannot see the comments on this page. This is also for the five people who have commented on my post about the reunion in Arizona if you are wanting to tell me anything or say you want to come to this please send me an email I did put my email address on here and if you go to my profile I also put my phone number on so you can text me. Of course if you just want to say it's a good idea in that you don't particularly have to do that. I'm sorry I'm being a pain in the butt but it is so frustrating

Carol Ritz


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