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UNITED STATES is a for profit CORPORATION. To collapse IT & Restore the republic; Committees of Safety for every county need to be formed to hold public servants accountable. These men and women form the True Republic for the United States of America. They are the Grand Jury Pettit Jurrors of our peers. NO MARITIME LAW. NO ADMIRALTY LAW NO BAR MEMBERS.

Common Law of the land and soil. It is Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A truely restored republic without the deepstate controled for profit UNITED STATES CORPORATION CONSTITUTION OF 1871. This CONSTITUTION needs to be collaped to reveal and restore the 1787 Constitution.

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Judy  Beard
Judy  Beard
Judy Beard
07 juin

We the people are the ones that have let go this far. We got complacent and put trust in humans, which a faulty. We didn't do our due diligence in paying attention to those we voted in. I would guess that the majority is/was like me, paying no real attention to what those I voted for truly stood for. So now it is time for us to bring groups of people together who want to get our country back before it is too late and get these corrupt politicians out of office, and judges that do not go by blind justice system, that people are innocent until PROVEN guilty.



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