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In Lagrange Ohio

Lorain County Committee of Safety

Monday March 11 5:30 pm

The pen is Mightier than the sword

Learn how to redress your greiveces with public servants.

Learn how to stay in honor not to argue with tyrants writing complains which fail.

Learn how to write an Affidavit of truth.

and command the public servants who serve we the people!

Lorain County health department has sent letters to 22k landowners to pay septic system inspection fee yearly. Whichis 2.6 million.

These permits/fees and mandates are being tyrannically imposed on us. 

Many are concerned that this “mandate” is going to lead into continued escalating fees in an attempt to push sewers raise taxes chop large parcels of farm land into suburbia.

A Constitutional Common Law educator will speak & explain our unalienable rights legal vs lawful & how the law Really works. Q&A after will explain and offer solutions.

Join us

Monday, March 11

Doors open at 5:30 PM

Meeting begins 6 PM


19361 Whitehead Rd., Lagrange

We look to meeting you.




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